Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Frau Holle and Christmas preparations

Hello everyone! :)

Thanks to those who read my first entry, commented on it and subscribed to this blog! ^_^
I wanted to reply to your comments, but there is obviously no way to do so directly. Do I have to use an extern script or something? I'd be glad for some advice from fellow bloggers!

Well, I wanted do post here on a weekly basis at least (this is mainly because I have no scanner at the moment and I have to use the one at my boyfriend's place) and it's been exactly seven days since I wrote the introduction stuff - met my deadline! 8D

This time it's just a single illustration from last Sunday I can show you. I'm drawing all day long, but it's all Christmas stuff I can't put here for now, for I don't want certain people to see these things yet. ;)

It hasn't been snowing where I live yet. Which is really weird. I can't remember having no snow at all until Christmas, ever! Damn you, global warming!
As I want to draw more fairy tale illustrations again, I decided to do a picture of Frau Holle. I hope this conjures her to get to work and finally make it snow! :D

It was a one shot -   so I did this without break and it took me a few hours, while chatting and eating. :) A4 sized paper, copic markers and chalks.
Hope you like it!

By the way: I really like to chat while drawing. So if you use MSN oder ICQ and you'd like to add me, just tell me. :3


  1. Really lovely,
    it was always one of my favourite fairytales when I was a kid.
    Those little houses and the landscape are so nice :-)

    (I'm going to write my comments in English, too, so that others can understand them)

  2. such a lovely illustration!

    great work!!

    lindsey |

  3. Danke für dein Kommi ^^
    Ich freu mich auch schon total auf die Amélie Haare ^^ Mein jetztiger Bob hat noch so viele Stufen drinne, ich hoffe das mein eHaare wenn die raus sind ein wenig fluffiger sind...
    Liebe Grüße
    Btw, deine Bilde rsind so süß, ich denke dü würdest dich total gut als Illustratorin für Kinderbücher machen :D

  4. Danke fürs rück-kommentieren :) Ich les deinen Blog sehr gerne!^^
    Und nochmal danke! Das wär mein Traum - mal ein Kinderbuch zu illustrieren! ^^