Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Getting started!

Hello and welcome to my blog! :)

My name is Katrin, I like drawing and I'd like to become more productive in the future, so I'm starting this blog to motivate myself. I'm so excited! :D

Why on blogspot? Because there are loads of great artists here posting WIPs and stuff, and I wanna join them. So this isn't exactly about my private life, but rather a graphic reflection on it xD

I hope to make new creative friends here and keep in touch with old ones. Let's inspire each other!
I will mostly blog about drawing related stuff, but sometimes I'm in the mood for crafting and sewing, too.

My favourite tools are watercolours, copics and pastels, occasionally I work digitally with a Wacom Bamboo tablet and PS or Artrage.

I'm planning to do at least one entry a week and have some new artwork to display. So watch out for drawing related memes, WIPs, original stuff, illustrations, a lot of fanart, and so on! Cheers :>


  1. awww das gif :D toothless is so süß! :3
    das ist mein blog btw: http://royalfruitcake.blogspot.com

    sylvi <3

  2. Dann bin ich mal gespannt, was du uns so zeigen wirst. Viel Spaß beim Bloggen :-D

  3. c'mon, i want to see a drawing of yours here! ;)