Wednesday, 28 March 2012

First steps in animation :)

Recently I've been playing around with animations, it's so much fun! I started with really simple ones, like animating lettering and then objects and shapes. But it's plenty of work, too! If you want to achieve a smooth animation, you have to adjust a lot - and have tons of frames, of course. 

Apart from that I hardly find any open source software that's helpful, or advice in forums and such. I wish I knew someone I could assail with questions. If you have any advice, I'd really appreciate it! Nevertheless, it's cool to find out myself and experimentalize. :)

Some days ago I drew myself a quick new avatar (as you can see on my profile bar; I based it on this avatar I did some years ago and that I used very frequently all over the internet^^)
- and I decided to use it for another animation experiment. It's really simple and only a few seconds long, but I thought I might share it. ^^' 

By the way, thank you for over 1200 pageviews on this blog and to everyone following me so far! :)

(Oh and, if that application's working, this entry should automatically be cross-posted to my Facebook-Account.)

1 comment:

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