Sunday, 25 March 2012

More tablet exercise, Illustration Friday, sunny Sunday

Hello everyone!

No update in a while. University's killing me >_> I'm spending my evenings working on my Bachlor Thesis and homework. Soon I have Easter Holidays, but that just means I'm going to spend even more time on my thesis and preparations for exams I have right after the holidays. Hooray!

I didn't draw on a daily basis lately, and if I drew at all, it was just really messy stuff. I have to exercise more often again!

So, I've been using my tablet some more times but now I remember why I gave it up and went traditional again a few years ago. The main reason was probably that I never found the right software to work with. I tried a lot of different ones. Recently I worked a little with Corel Painter 12, hoping it would be program I've been searching for, but I was really disappointed. Usually I combine Artrage and Photoshop and that works for me, but of course I would like to find a software that covers up everything.
Today I've been doing a little speed painting for Illustration Friday. I will post this in another blog entry because I don't want people to be led to this rant post when they click on the link, but to the picture only. ^^' I don't like it that much, but I can't see what's the matter with it.

I think I actually suffer from an artblock right now. :( I guess that's just fair, because before I felt uber productive and was content with all my output over the past months. But now I can't get things right somehow. Most paintings remain unfinished and I remain cheesed off then. I know that most of my readers here have creative hobbies, too. So what do you do when you have an artblock?

As I love to do nature studies, I thought it might help to enjoy this sunny Sunday outside and paint, so my Mum, my dog and I went to a little lake nearby. The thing is that that place is nice for swimming in summer, but really boring otherwise. So there was me, being totally uninspired, a rather boring landscape, still bare-branched trees, a lot of withered grass and and even more wind. I sat there with my sketchbook on my lap and had it punched into my face by squalls several time. At some point I was fed up, packed my stuff and just joined my Mum, who was walking around taking photos. At least one of us was creatively successful.  But still, it was nice to take a walk and relax. My dog had fun, too. ;)


  1. Wow aus dem Winkel erkennt man dich auf dem Foto voll nicht! Du siehst aus wie eine sexy Künstlerin aus einem Film.. jetzt ist das Leben noch langweilig und schön, aber bald wirst du einen Mord beobachten oder so was XD

  2. Hmm und dann musst du ins Zeugenschutzprogramm und kriegst einen mysteriösen, aber gut aussehenden Detektiv zugeteilt XD

  3. ich hätt dich da auch nie erkannt XD