Monday, 5 March 2012

Working digitally again...

I can't believe that there was a period of about two years when I drew digitally only! Apart from some trifles (like the book rating scales) I haven't used my tablet in ages. The last digital painting I spent a little more effort on was created in 2009 xD Then I got my first Copic markers and everything changed.

So when I took out my tablet last week to doodle a little, it felt like I'd have never done this before o_o
I started with drawing a bear in full face view. I love bears and I usually don't have problems drawing them, but this one just wouldn't turn out as I wanted... I even took my sketchbook and thought it would be easier to do a traditional sketch first, but it wasn't. (And I couldn't decide between a comic or rather realistic look). I filled several pages with doodles like that:

At that point I was fed up and went to bed.
And on the next morning a gave it another try and did this in a minute:

and fleshed it out in half an hour:

It's nothing special, but I think it was the first step to getting familiar with digital art again. And I wanted to tell this little art block story to make you aware of something you probably already experienced. When drawing something, you sometimes get stuck and frustrated. And the best thing you can do then is to put your picture aside and do something completely different! Really, just go out and take a walk or a bath, or go straight to bed, or whatever. Wait until the next day and then you will surely find it much easier.


  1. Lieb ist das Bild geworden :) Gefällt mir!

  2. That is so true! Whenever I get stuck on something, it is best to just step away for a while. Then come back refreshed.

    Your drawing is really nice!