Friday, 27 April 2012


(↑ watercolours)

 (↑ copic markers)
(↑ coloured pencils)

Hello there! How's everyone doing?
I'm exhausted. The past two weeks were totally busy and still, I'm actually supposed to be doing things for university now. I spent every day of my Easter break in the library studying and could really use a break after that. :L So I had very little time for drawing and even missed two Illustration Friday topics in a row D: I did not even have time to read all of your comments here on Deviant Art yet. Sorry :(

But there are some good news, too! I'm taking art lessons from now on for at least a month! :D My teacher is a freelance artist having his own studio in town where he is instructing a little group of students of different ages. I went to some initial meeting this week and got feedback on some of my works. I'm aware of most of my weaknesses and the fact that he immediately spotted these weaknesses showed me that he really is well acquainted with his subject. He was very honest, but his critique was constructive and he also pointed out some things he liked about my pictures. Like how I use colours and most of all, my motives and imagination. :) On Tuesday I'm going to have my first session at the studio and I'm really looking forward to it.


  1. I hope you'll learn a lot at your art lessons. Did you draw those pictures above? They're beautiful ♥

    1. Thanks :) Sure I did, this is my drawing blog after all! ^_^