Friday, 13 April 2012


A quick sketchbook scan again. I somehow liked these little fellas ;) Maybe I should take it further and make a banner with wormies like these for the Childrens Illustrator group on Deviant Art... (I got accepted as a member more than a month ago and they feature a banner of everyone in the group. But I didn't want to take an old picture for it and still didn't create anything.)
Done with Winnie the Pooh coloured pencils. xD They are really small and therefore perfect en route.

Actually, I would really like to upload sketchbook scans more regularly. But then I end up not doing it because I'm not confident enough about my scribbles. Or because they pointed to some event that's already out of date. But some of my friends are really consequent with posting their sketchbook scans, and I can feel the spark slowly leaping over.

I wish confidence was available as concentrate in bottles. :P I could really use some.


  1. You should be confident, those worms and your other illustrations are great! :)

  2. I love these worms :D Your very talented. And love the fact you did them using winnie the pooh pencils lol! :)