Thursday, 9 August 2012


Hi there! So my exams are over for now. Actually the last one was already two weeks ago, and for the time being I just enjoyed myself; mostly playing the new Rune Factory game (Oceans/Tides of Destiny - I love it so far!), reading, and drawing of course. :D

There is still some University work waiting to be done. Soon I'll have to continue with my other Bachelor thesis and start studying for the last bunch of exams, but that's nothing I want to think of just now. >_>

Now about drawing stuff, because that's what I keep this blog for, right? :)
I've done a lot of scribbling. A lot. It's bad, but I grew custom to drawing again after a longer break due to studying. That's something I wanted to happen never again :L Having such a long pause as to get out of practice. I'll try to scribble at least a bit every day again. And therefore I'm planning to do a lot of memes and challenges in the future.

At least I continued drawing for Illustration Friday. I really try to become a little quicker and more easy-going. I don't want to get stuck with one piece, getting totally frustrated over it. So these were all done rather quickly and have some bugs, but I had fun doing them. Unfortunately I was always too slow for submitting them in the end. xD But I'll post them here for you to see. And I opened a gallery folder just for the Illustration Friday stuff at my Deviantart.

Starting with the oldest:

The day that topic got published it was really hot and I treated my bf to his first bubble tea, so that's what I drew. His was matcha flavoured and mine was mango. ♥ Oh, and this was coloured in Photoshop for a change. All the others are done with Copic markers.

I want a suspending chair like that...

From here I started doing black outlines again for a change. Sepia has been my default outline colour for a long while.

My least favourite of the bunch. Why did I chose such a strange perspective? o.Ó And some of the colours blurred...

just because I love pastel colours and pillows xD 

I'm working on the current topic now, which is Bounce, trying out my awesome new Moleskine watercolour note I bought yesterday. :D

Jenny Dolfen from Gold Seven is one of my favourite illustrators and she likes to use Moleskine watercolour notes, so I've been wanting to try one myself for a while. She also does quite helpful tutorials on watercolour painting on her blog, so you should pay it a visit. :) At least to browse through her outstanding Tolkien illustrations!


  1. These are so cute! I think I prefer the sepia outline colour (I just go with pencil line myself, maybe I should try a change). I wish I was as prolific an artist as you, but it's difficult to get motivated (and stay motivated)... ^^;;

    1. Thank you so much! I also like the sepia outlines better, which is why I kept with them for a long while. But I try to use Illustration Friday as a weekly chance to experiment a little. With colours, poses of figures and so on. Maybe I'll try go without outlines next time :) Oh, I'm not as prolific as it apparently seems in that post, but I'm trying. Yes, it's so hard to keep up one's motivation! But if I managed to draw at least a little for several days in a row it becomes habit again. :)

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