Sunday, 12 August 2012

Work in progress...

It's time to do some fanart again! :D
Just a little wip..

It's a video game series. One of my favs. And this has been the main character until the last game in the series.
Guess which ;)

My sketches look really crappy in the beginning and then veeery slowly begin to look okay when I flesh them out. (I envy those people whose five-stroke-sketches look amazing already. @.@) That's why I don't like showing my sketches to others, but I've decided to post some more to this blog in the future. I love it when other people do. When you get to see not only the outcome, but the little steps the picture took. After all, I plan this blog to document my overall development in drawing. And I want to encourage others by showing them how someone with really mediocre drawing skills can become better by and by. ^^' (I hope I will...)


  1. Also ich liebe es Skizzen von anderen Leuten zu sehen. Und es ist doch wichtig, was hinterher dabei rauskommt und nicht wie es am Anfang ausschaut. ;-)

    Ich tippe auf Final Fantasy oder Kingdom Hearts, aber eigentlich habe ich nicht so rechte Ahnung.

  2. I think you're really improving! ^_^ It's also really encouraging to see someone else who uses pencil and paper...I feel like most other people use tablets these days, but I can't get used to using one ^^;;

  3. Sieht ein bisschen nach Rune Factory aus :D

    Ich poste meine Skizzen nicht so oft, weil ich dann gewissermassen in einen durch nur noch Skizzen posten könnte xD mache mehr Skizzen als richtige Bilder, aber für mich gehört das einfach zur Vorbereitung dazu.

    Die Piraten leg ich dir auch ans Herz :) ist ein toller Film.