Sunday, 2 September 2012

Motivation Issues

Hi there!
The past month was so much fun. I allowed myself to forget about University in August and went on little trips, to events and the movies, met friends, played video games a lot and read. But I did not draw.

It was only today I picked up my pencil again to continue with some old drawing, but I couldn't do it. And then I spent the rest of the day procrastinating. Something that usually works then is to just put my drawing stuff aside and pull it out again the other day, when motivation comes back. But right now I would really want to draw. I feel like I've been waiting long enough to resume and that my current art block is something I have to actively overcome instead waiting for a phase to pass. :L It's so frustrating, but I spent some minutes browsing on motivatinal articles and videos and I liked some apsects in this one, so I thought I might share:

And now I will go and try again. Good night!

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