Tuesday, 26 February 2013

An apple and 30 cats in bed!

Late night pooost :)

Hi everyone! Now that I'm done with University I'm searching for a job; so besides sending applications, I have a lot of free time now until someone hires me. And I mean to make use of it!

I really cut down on my gaming hours to have more time for other things again. Drawing, of course, but also keeping up with language studies (hello there, Kanji cards!), working off my reading list, and so on.

In terms of drawing, something I've been wanting to do for a long while is working with Carla Sonheim's Drawing Lab Book. And recently I also bought Mark Kistler's You Can Draw In 30 Days. These two books each offer different kinds of exercises. And in my opinion, they kind of resemble what I'd describe as the two sides of the art-coin. ;) Inspiration/creativity on the one hand, and technique/skill on the other.

While Mr. Kistler offers an insight into the basics of three-dimensional drawings, perspective and these things, Carla Sonheim's book is really  about creating and having fun doing so, no matter how you do it. I'd like to work on both of these aspects, so I started working with the two books simultaneously. The plan is to do exercises from both every day, but I won't put myself under too much pressure this time. (That's why I failed doing the 30 days drawing challenge the other time...)

I started with Kistler's book, who begins with a really funny and encouraging introduction, and then some basic instructions on drawing shapes and shades. Sketchbook scan:

That first lesson already helped a lot and was fun to do. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

Right after that I took out Drawing Lab and did the first exercise... and it drove me crazy!! After the rather technical shapes and shades stuff, I thought this would be even more fun and rather relaxing, but I guess it just really hit some spot with me... The task was to draw cats in bed. Meaning that you only take a single sheet of paper, some fine-point marker and draw lying on your sheets. I always found cats really difficult to draw, and then that soft underground sure was challenging me. @_@ Sometimes I nearly tore the paper with my marker, even though I kept a really light pressure. Afterwards I was pretty bugged, but I got what that exercise was aiming at. To cut a long story short: this should teach you to take it easy. Not every stroke has to be perfect.
And that really hits my weakness. I'm a perfectionist. I want every line to be where I plan it to be. I really need to loosen up a bit, so that exercise probably did me good after all.

Here are my cats, looks like I was drunk then. Or six years old :'D

I hope they give you a good laugh at least. ;)
Good night!

Katrin ♥


  1. Combining two books to get the best of both is a great idea (^_^) But I think, the cat's-challenge is much too hard - kittens are extremely difficult to draw O.O you did a great job there! I would have tron apart the paper xD

    1. I guess the task is intentionally too hard so are bound to losen up a bit and just have fun. But at least in my case that just does not work without a hint of frustration.^^' Thanks :)

  2. OMG The cats :D They made me really laugh. But better 30 drwan cats in bed than one RL Cat, if you know who I mean XD

    1. Haha, glad they amused you! And omg I do know.. xD

  3. Ich hab vergessen dir das zu sagen: Ich hab deinen Blog für den Liebster Award nominiert. Alle Infos dazu hier http://nerdsweetmeat.blogspot.co.at/2013/02/nomination-d.html Würde mich freuen wenn du Zeit findest :D

  4. Hello Katrin!

    Thank you so much for the visit, I'm really glad you came by. This post of yours got my attention because I plan on opening a group on FB and it will be a "draw along" for Carla Sonheim's Drawing lab for mixed media artists. It would be great if you'd join me and Esther.

    It's not up yet (need to take some time for it) but I plan on setting it up asap. If you're interested let me know.

    I find it very inspiring to know there are people out there who actually do exercises from these books :)

    Oh and I have two accounts on dA, the first one (and thus "bigger") is http://ninina-nini.deviantart.com - made by nini is my second one, for crafts only.


    1. Hey Nini! Oh yes, I'd be very interested in joining your group! Looking forward to it already :)