Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Boxes, treasure chests and other sketches

Good evening everyone and welcome to those who have just recently become readers, I hope you'll like it here! :)

I did Lesson 5 of Kistler's You Can Draw In 30 Days today. Here are the scans:

Sorry, the graphite smudged a little, I didn't notice before scanning :/ And yes, my handwriting is horrible. ^^'

I also scanned the sketches for the bookmark I posted before. :)

Bonus pictures: Classes were a little boring today xD So I filled all the pages of my script with crazy exercising puppets and Berserk characters... xD

Good night!
Katrin ♥


  1. Very emotional face on the last drawing! Its not so easy at all to draw like that!) and I love chests!!!)

    1. Thanks! Somehow I'm best at drawing expressions in really quick doodles. I think I should start some kind of database where I collect my quick face sketches so I can copy them when I need any :)