Saturday, 2 March 2013

Kistler's Lesson 3

Hi! :)

Today I did Kistler's Lesson 3. MOAR GLOBES!! That was the last globes lesson, though. From tomorrow onwards it's all about - guess what! - CUBES! :D

That was an easy-going one. I had my sketchbook on my lap, being all cozy in my bean bag while my boyfriend was watching Law & Order. ;)
And then came the funny part. The bonus lesson! That was the first time I could be a little more creative . Before, it was always following a concrete task, but now I could let my imagination go wild. :D I think my love for Shaun Tan is probably showing a bit...

I browsed through the rest of the book a little and I think the lessons are getting  more fun, but also more difficult (two-point perspective, duh...). I'm going to post a review when I'm done with the whole book but for now I definitely have a good impression. The lessons are not too demanding, it would be even great for someone who doesn't have any drawing experience at all, because the author takes his time explaining everything and really tries to encourage you! Onto lesson 4! ;)

Katrin ♥

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