Saturday, 9 March 2013

Wingardium Leviosa

I took a break from my drawing book lessons to work on my part of an arttrade with my friend Tanja. :)
We agreed for a week as a deadline, but I ended up doing my picture pretty late. There are some flaws I made in the hurry and that really bugs me, because the picture I got from her is so beautiful and I wanted to give her something beautiful in return. I was nearly done drawing mine when I already got hers in my mailbox. And I seriously thought about doing it all over again...

The reason I didn't begin my drawing earlier was that the day after we set up our arttrade, I went to the vet with my dog Vicky again. We've been there once a week recently because she had health problems that wouldn't abate. And this time we got a really bad diagnosis... She has a tumor that's inoperable and there is no real treatment for it. I couldn't help but burst into tears on the spot and that's how it went on the next few days. Whenever it was time to give her the medication again I started crying and just crawled up into my bed. I don't know how we will carry on now. She has some new pills that hopefully slow down the growth of the tumor a little, but that's just some experiment we can do. I can't tell you how much this hurts. I just hope we can spend some more time together without her being in pain. She's been with me for more than eleven years now. ♥ I can't imagine being without her.

I knew Tanja would go to Florida after that week and I wanted to give her the picture in time. And when I finally sat at my desk and started drawing, I felt a lot better. And sometimes Vicky would come over and lick my hand as if to encourage me. ♥

As Tanja is spending her holiday at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (I'm soo jealous!) I decided to draw something Harry Potter related and actually, I had this image of us in mind for a while already. I drew us together as Hogwarts students, with our pets. Her real life cat, Koks, and my imaginary owl (I'd have an owl if I went to Hogwarts). I really like my image of Tanja! The animals look a little strange, maybe I should use some references next time. :L I just try to avoid doing so whenever I can because looking at (other people's) fotographs somehow stops my creative flow in drawing and I find myself being too distacted.

I did some WIP captures again this time and put them together in a gif:

Did I ever mention that I got a light box for my Birthday in November? It's awesome!

 Here's the finished version, I hope Tanja will like it! The original is on its way to Germany now. :)

And of course I also want to show you what I got from Tanja! I love it so much! See the little balls of wool there? She even embroidered them with thread on the actual picture! I need to get a frame now and then I will hang it up among the embroideries my Grandma did for me. ♥

Thank you so much, Tanja! It really cheered my up when I saw the envelope in my mail box :) I love getting actual mail, but getting something selfmade from an artist friend is even better!

Katrin ♥


  1. I really like the way you've show your work in progress. I'm always fascinated by how everyone's steps differ!

    1. Yeah, me too! I feel like I always learn a lot just by looking at other artist's WIP captions :)