Saturday, 20 April 2013

Late night speed painting

Hey guys! :)

I could not sleep so I was doodling and browsing a little. I've been lurking around in a speed paint group on DA for a while, admiring people's submissions. And then I spontaneously decided to take part in the daily challenge right away. :) The current topic is "Volcanic Landscape".

The standard time for the daily and weekly challenge there is an hour. I stopped after 50 minutes because I felt I was done. (Of course there are things I could have continued working on, but then it wouldn't be a speed painting per definition anymore, right?)

No reference, just imagination. :D

That really was fun and relaxing. I'll definitely do some more submissions in the future to get better at landscape designs and to increase my painting speed.

And now it's time for bed I guess...
Good night!

Katrin ♥