Thursday, 2 May 2013

Illustration Friday: Farewell

Not long ago my maternal grandmother died, and now it seems my paternal Granny's time has come as well. Yesterday my Dad informed me that she is dying. She's been in coma for several years already, after she fell from a tree when picking apricots, hitting her head. While I only got to know my maternal grandmother better in her late years, I've been very close with my Dad's Mum from the beginning. I know that her spirit has gone long ago, when she had that accident. But now that her body is giving in too, all kinds of memories flood my head and make my heart ache. I wonder what she would think about me and my life nowadays. I miss her a lot.

Sometimes I used to spend my whole summer holidays alone with her at her cottage in the countryside. Even though I had my own room there, we would always sleep in her bed and cuddle and read together until we fell asleep. She made me hot chocolate in the morning and semolina pudding when I was hungry. My grandma had a great influence on me and my personality. She made the best dumplings in the world. She was the one who made me love fairy and folk tales that much. She had the most beautiful blue eyes. Her name was Erna. Farewell, Grandma!

I know this picture is full of flaws. But for once I don't really care.


  1. A lovely heartfelt farewell. I miss my grandma too. :)

  2. All the best for your grandma. x

    Stay strong!

  3. Your drawing is charming just because it came from your heart, no flaws, just lovely. Your wrote beautifully about what your grandmothers meant to you.