Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Nightly watercolour practice

So I spent the late evening with watercolour painting again. Here's what I finished just a few minutes ago:

Tea: black with milk
Music: Bowie (again, yes!)

It's a study based on my own photograph. Used pastells to fix some parts I screwed up before.

I want to do regular practice pieces from now on, I still feel very insecure using watercolours and in the end I always wish I had just used my copics instead. :(
Watercolour paintings always have that soft, casual feeling to them, but when I try loose strokes it looks very similar to my paintings back from kindergarden...
I've read several books about watercolour painting now, but I still don't get it right. Hrrmmm.

I'm off to bed! *yawn*
Good night!



  1. This one looks really good! In the thumbnail I actually thought it was a photography (°∀°)b
    Keep it up, though it's frustrating sometimes

  2. I also thought this was a photograph! Really! It looks great Katrin.