Monday, 6 May 2013

You've got mail!

Hi guys! How do you do? Have you spent a nice weekend? Did you create anything? Please show me! ^-^

I love getting actual mail and recently there were two packages in my mailbox I want to tell you about!

First of all, here is my long-due report about the tea trade I already mentioned. Someone in the Facebook Mori Girl community came up with the idea to do a tea swap a while ago. I got paired up with lovely Yuanting from the Netherlands! It turned out we have a lot in common and we've been exchanging messages ever since then. :) I already wrote about what I sent her in a previous post, so now I'll show you what I got from Yuanting:

Probably the prettiest parcel I ever received!

And it contained...

Honeybush Mango Lemon and Camomille tea, and a pretty postcard with an illustration of Elsa Beskow!
That's so funny, it's like Yuanting's known me for years already! The tea is definitely be a kind I'd buy myself, and Elsa Beskow is one of my idols in illustration. ♥ I'm really happy with what got! Thank you so much, Yuanting! :)

Today I also received a little envelope from Germany. It turned out to be from my dear Tanja and contained her part of our bookmark arttrade and some treats! :3 While she asked me to do a Luna Lovegood bookmark, I asked her to make mine a surprise. And look what I got - it's so cute I actually squealed when I took it out of the envelope:

It's Hagrid with Norbert and Aragog! ;_; ♥ And then I turned the bookmark around and saw this:

Aww! I love it so much, I've got to finish what I'm currently reading on my Kindle and get some "real" book to use it now! Thank you, Tanja!

Katrin ♥


  1. Very pretty things you got there! (^ω^)
    The book marks is just adorable 。◕‿◕。

  2. Hagrid is so cute *W* And I'd love to taste those tea!

    1. I would invite you over for a cup if I could ;)

  3. oooh, what lovely lovely presents you got! the bookmark is extremely cute and those teas look delicious (well, except camomile as I can't stand it's scent :D )

    1. Yeah right? :D I love any kind of trades - art trades, tea swaps... it's so much fun to surprise people and even get something in return! ♥

  4. I am amazed that the ribbons survived the travel? D: That alone is kinda impressive!