Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Drawing Lab: Lab 3 - My Pet Project

Lab 3 was about drawing your pet in motiot. Just really rough sketches, leaving out details, but trying to capture the general shape. Thereby you had to apply what you had learned in Lab 2: keeping your eyes on the subject and not on the paper.

I started with my cat, Mona:

On a different day I drew Arco, my boyfriend's Labrador Retriever. I was sitting on top of the stairs and he wanted to come up to me (left picture; he's somewhat scared of climbing stairs)^^'. Until he gave up and lay down (right).

And then I tossed him a ball and he went all crazy :D

Left side: I told him to sit, but he was still in play-mode and twitchy. :D Right: I then moved on to my dog Vicky, a crazy terrier crossbreed. She's always really jaunty, so her scribbles were the most challenging therefore look kind of silly. xD

There she was rolling on the carpet xD

On to the next labs :)


  1. oooh look at them! you did an amazing set of drawings and I'm really glad you did! at least some of you are good to do it ;)

    my fav one is Vicky rolling on the carpet :)

    1. Thanks, but it did challenge me as well.^^' It's hard for me to do lose strokes like in these sketches, and even harder to make these doodles public. I always want everything to be perfect before I show it around...

      Haha, I think that one actually turned out well. xD Thank you! ♥

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