Friday, 28 June 2013


Today was my day off, so I scanned some sketchbook pages again! Here is You Can Draw In 30 Days' Lesson 8: Cool Koalas.

That was quite a surprise! After dealing with geometrical, abstract shapes for so long, I really liked that this lesson was about an drawing an animal. :)

At first you should draw some circles and turn them into furry balls (texture practice), and then some comic style koala. :D I enjoyed that, so I did quite a few.

The bonus challenge was to browse the internet for koala photos, and then draw some more realistic ones by combining poses from those photos with the concepts from the lesson. I don't really like drawing from photos and I am bad at realism, so I just tried to get this done quickly. ^^'

The last one is the worst xD I had really run out of steam already... Next post: Lesson 9!


  1. Awww, that bunch of fluff balls is so cute. I think it would look really great on a mug! And I actually like your last koala, jep, very much. You are doing great, very disciplined you are :)

  2. The fluffy comic-koalas are sooo cute ♡
    The realistic ones are pretty awesome *.* You are really doing a great job! (°∀°)b

  3. You're not bad at realistic drawing at all Katrin. I especially like the one on the branch. He's so cute.