Wednesday, 5 June 2013

You Can Draw In 30 Days' Lesson 7

Hi everyone! :)
Here are my scans of You Can Draw In 30 Days' Lesson 7.

Lesson 7 was called Advanced Level Cubes. I had a rather long break from that book and drawing all those cubes, so I did some warm up sketches first.

Then I did the main thing. Because I got interrupted all the time, I drew it again really quickly in the upper left corner to revise.

Up to now, the author still explained everything in several steps. But then the bonus challenge was to copy a drawing of some building by yourself, applying all the rules that were explained ealier.

And then, of course, you should do some building of your own. I scribbled this while watching TV :)

Among with all the other cube and geometrical shape lessons, this lesson made me a lot braver when it comes to playing with perspectives. :D Sometimes I didn't even try to get it right, but now I often scribble these kind of buildings and shapes casually and they even look correct most of the time!^^

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