Saturday, 27 July 2013

Drawing Lab - Lab 6: Index Cards

In this lab, you should chose an animal and draw at least thirty different poses, using little index cards and a thick marker. (Isn't it funny how I somehow placed the one pose I doubled on each the left corner of the sets when scanning? :D)

EDIT: Oh no, I did it all wrong :( I didn't have the book with me when I drew. And now that I re-read the assignment, it turns out you should have done the same pose over and over again. And only twenty times, that is. ;_;

 I already did those cards a while ago, but it was today I continued with the "Taking it further" part. I chose my three favourites and sat them together to do some stargazing. :) I like how this one turned out. 

I'm already done with the next lab, too. Going to post the scans tomorrow. Good night! ♥


  1. Love your maker little drawings and the colored final one is really lovely :D

  2. Neat exercise (even if it was different than you thought)! And the stargazing guys at the end are SO CUTE. Very nicely done!

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