Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hi, I've done some scans again. :) My scanner is working normally again, but to be honest I've been a little lazy recently. I'm always really tired when I get home from work and so I would draw, but not take the effort to scan and edit images... ^^' Also, a lot of things are going on in my life right now. Most important: I'm moving together with my boyfriend! ♥ Got the keys to our flat last week and we're getting started these days. I'm so happy!

But let's get to the drawing stuff.
First, I'd like to show you an illustration I did for one of Anja's short stories, Honig (Honey). We submitted our collab to a magazine publisher, too (with a really tight deadline..). They didn't print it in the end, but I'm happy we did this together. That was our first try, and I hope we'll do it again sometime.
I guess this looks very different to what I've drawn in the recent years. I tried to match the dark and mystic atmosphere of the story. Actually, this reminds me of the style I had when I was about 15. My drawings had a strong gothic touch then, haha :D

"...Dunkelheit umgab ihn. Schwarz und dickflüssig wie Tinte. Die Finsternis klebte regelrecht an ihm, hing an ihm, zog seinen Körper nach unten, machte ihn so unfassbar schwer und träge. Immer mühseliger bekam er Luft, der Druck auf seinem Brustkorb wurde stärker und stärker. Tiefschwarze Federn hoben sich farblich ab obgleich es ihnen unmöglich sein sollte. Sie fielen auf ihn herab, blieben an seiner Haut kleben. Beinahe gleich er nun selbst einem riesigen schwarzen Vogel. 

Doch die klebrige Tinte nahm kein Ende, sie hörte nicht auf zu fließen, als käme sie direkt aus seinem Körper und wolle sich unbedingt einen Weg ins Freie bahnen..."


Last weekend I also did Lesson 10 of You Can Draw In 30 Days:

A while ago I bought a set of simple coloured pencils again and I've grown really fond of them! You don't need brushes and water or special paper to add a little colour to your sketches :) 

And then there is a new Illustration Friday picture, but as usual I'll make an extra post for it.

- Katrin


  1. Wow! That's a big step, moving in with your bf so congratulations for that! You'll just have to post lots of pictures of your apartment :)

    It's great you collaborated with a friend too. It really doesn't matter that you didn't get chosen because you created something together and that should give both of you the energy to give it another try. It's so nice to be able to work with friends, isn't it?

    And I love colored pencils too. I can't stay away from them even if I have this obsession with watercolors. But watercolors are usually not well handled by ordinary sketchbooks as the paper always wrinkles up so ordinary colored pencils sure are a way to go. And if you ever get the chance to buy Prismacolor ones (I ordered them from USA) get them. They are THE BEST I ever tried, and I tried a lot of them.

    Loooove your cans! :)

    1. Thanks :D I will! It will just take us about two more weeks or so. Painting the walls, cleaning, and so on. I can't wait to really move in at last!

      Yes it is, thank you so much for you kind words!

      Yeah, that's why I got started with coloured pencils again. I alsway disliked them somehow, because it's so difficult to colour larger areas evenly. But as often, quality really makes a difference, and I guess I have a steadier hand with even strokes as I had a few years ago. Which kind of Prismacolours do you use? :) I just did a little research, and there seem to be several kinds of sets. Thanks for the tip! ♥

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur gemeinsamen Wohnung! (〃^▽^〃)

    Das erste Bild sieht wirklich sehr anders aus, als das was du sonst hier zeigst. Aber gut ist es geworden; nächstes Mal schafft ihr beiden es bestimmt! *tschakka ^^*

    Dosen - da muss ich immer an Andy denken, mit seinen Dosen-Bildern xD Die sind echt gut geworden ^^

    1. Danke :D

      Eigentlich sieht es ein bisschen mehr nach den Sachen aus, die ich so mit 15 gezeichnet habe. Da hatte ich eine sehr ausgeprägt Gothic-Phase. Haha :D