Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I just realized I never uploaded Lesson 12 and 13 from You Can Draw...
So here they are:

 Furthermore, I participated in the Cover Art Contest for the Innocent World Tea Party and never showed you the outcome (Yes, the one I also made the contest advertisement for.) It should have something to do with both Lolita fashion and Vienna. At that time I unfortunately was totally occupied by moving to our new appartment. So I drew this really quickly one evening, on a free space between all the packing cases, and I don't really like it myself. It seems so flat and dull to me. But I wanted to share it anyway. There are some really awesome entries! You can look at them here: 

- Katrin


  1. I really liked your picture for the contest, especially the background!! ^^ it looks so detailed...

    1. Thank you, Alice! :) I think the background turned out okay, I just really don't like how I did the girl.. but I can't change it now, anyway. ^^'