Sunday, 22 September 2013

Flowers, funny creatures and fatigue

Hi everyone,

since my boss already knows I'm going to quit my job by the end of October, I've been assigned pretty much work.^^' I've just survived a 48 h - week and there are more of these to come. But today is my day off, so I brew some tea, write an update and then get back to drawing!

I finally did the next Drawing Lab! I'm pretty behind with everything (we're at Lab 11 in our group already), but I plan to catch up as quickly as possible. ^^'
So here's my scan of Lab 8: Imaginary Creatures.

My own favourite is the blue frogfish in the upper right. Some creatures I don't like as much, but I tried to see something in every spot and leave nothing blank. I really liked this Lab, it totally triggered my imagination and I will probably get back to this exercise in case of an art block.

(I used one A3 watercolour sheet instead of several ones as done in the book and I skipped the second watercolour round after filling in the lines.)
I really had fun doing those loose watercolour strokes, so I decided to try something else right after that. A friend of mine had a Birthday meet up on the next day. He always supports my art and likes my floral pictures best, so I did a little card for him to attach to his present. :) No sketch, just lose watercolour strokes again, and then I used a golden gel-pen for accents. (And he liked it, yay!)

As it happened, the next Lesson in You Can Draw... was flower-themed, too. ;)
Lesson 14: The Lily

Apart from working and a little painting, I met a friend for a shopping stroll, and finished a long-due book. But generally, I was pretty exhausted and longing for the weekend. I'm going to turn my computer off now and enjoy the last hours, before Monday is creeping in again! I hope you're enjoying your weekend, too! ♥

- Katrin


  1. o my, not good about your job, especially the overload (what are you doing?)

    your paintings are all so nice! I like that blue froggish thingie too and the cute bear

    I also really like your last painting, those blue lilies in the pot are very pretty and the background suits them perfectly

    1. Well, at least the end's in sight. My last day there is the 26th of October. I'm working at a hospital, doing computer stuff. (After I finished my studies, I couldn't find a job that was exactly related to my uni major). I did like it there until recently, especially my co-workers. But since I've resigned, the atmosphere is somewhat... unpleasant.
      Thank you, I'm glad you like them! :)

  2. Wow, the flower card is soo pretty, I like the idea of the golden outlines!!!
    I hope yoour work won't continue this way, it sounds exhausting, but it's just for a little while longer, so hang on!! ^^