Friday, 13 September 2013

Illustration Friday: Hidden

Hi everyone!

Well, due to all that chaos in my life recently, I involuntarily took a break from drawing. I just neither had the nerves, nor the desk space (moving boxes, moving boxes everywhere!) to sit down and work. But I plan to catch up with all the Drawing Labs and Daily Lessons I've missed.

There will be a post about some pictures I did before that break, but didn't blog about. And I want to show you some photos. :) But for now here's just a quick Illustration Friday sketchbook picture I wanted to submit before going to work, because they will probably set up the new topic in a few hours. The past week's topic was "Hidden".

Done with watercolour pencils. I hope you like it!
Oh, and thank you for your condolences! ♥

- Katrin