Monday, 9 September 2013

In Memoriam

Dear friends,

the past weeks have been really busy, and just when I thought I could breathe again, something aweful happened. My dear Vicky, my best friend these past twelve years, passed away on the 30th of August.

If you've got any pets, or even happened to grow up with them, you probably understand how much that hurts. She was no less than a family member, and always there for me when I was down.

Towards the end she suffered badly from her tumor. We tried one final surgery, but as our vet saw that there was nothing more he could do, he let her sleep. I know it's for the better, but I miss her terribly.

I'm slowly getting back do drawing, and then I plan on paying this blog more attention again. I just needed a break from... everything.

- Katrin


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss dear Katrin. I have lost some amazing pet friends too and it never ever gets easier. Just remember that she knew she was loved.

  2. Sorry to read about your loss. It's always hard losing pets. I swear my childhood dog sent me a butterfly a few days after she passed. The butterfly reminded me of her, which made me smile.