Friday, 11 October 2013

Illustration Friday: Underwater

Hi! :)

Last night I did some watercolour painting again, actually planning to submit this to Illustration Friday. Last week's topic was Underwater. 
I was home alone and it was raining heavily. A perfect evening for painting. :D But afterwards I was too tired to scan and upload it, and I didn't feel like turning on my computer, because I felt that it would have ruined the mood.
Usually they don't change the IF topic until about late noon, so I had hoped to still be in time if I scanned it at the office in the morning. Meanwhile they've already set up the new topic, but that's okay. I'll share it with you, anyway!

Tonight's a concert I want to visit, but I'm still not feeling up to the mark. That sucks! :(

- Katrin


  1. wooaaw *o* this is beautiful, it now is my favourite artwork of yours *O*

  2. Wow! Stunning!! It looks so calm and I really love that it's monocromatic, like all the colour washed out!! ^^

    1. Thank you :) I need to do more monocromatic paintings!

  3. I love it! The palette helps you see all of the beautiful detail you've created. Well done!

  4. so beautiful!! the fact that it's watercolour gives the painting more deep feeling :D
    and yes I think it's one of my favorite artwork!