Monday, 25 November 2013

Feathers for Yanik

Hi everyone, catching up again :D

So thanks to Nini I got aware of an amazing art project by Yanik Falardeau from Canada. She is collecting feathers made from artists all over the world to make a big bird for her art exhibition and to help children in Haiti:
My vision is for this bird to be hosted by heart-centered businesses all over the country. Each business could host our bird for one month at the cost of 300$. Each 300$ donation feeds and educates one child in Haiti through the Eddy Pascal School. A tax deduction will be offered to each business thanks to the collaboration of the Non-Profit I’m collaborating with. Isn’t that amazing? Just thinking about how our bird will travel to raise awareness gives me goosebumps and when I think of the kids we’ll be helping, well… you can understand why I have to find a way to make this happen.
100% of the donations will go to the children. 
You can read more about Yanik and her project at her homepage:
I really loved the idea, so I quickly got all things together and made three feathers. I only had very limited art supplies at hand, as I only took a little selection with me when I moved to Salzburg. But I did have my watercolours, you can get some carton everywhere, I found some ribbon I liked in a store and my hosts could spare an envelope. ;)

I could only take a picture with my phone, sorry! But I think you can see them alright. The left one is obviously water-themed, the one in the middle is some kind of leaf, and the one on the right.. well, I don't know, this one just happened. Maybe it's a visualisation of my mind. xD

They already made it all the way to Quebec and Yanik took a video of them. I have no idea if it'll work to post a link to the video on Facebook, but let's try: Klick!

I guess she is already busy setting things up, the art show is starting on the 30th. Good luck Yanik! I hope it will be a great success, for you and the children in Haiti! ♥


  1. How wonderful! Such a lovely idea!
    It's a shame I didn't hear about it earlier... I would have sent feathers too..x3
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for being part of the adventure, Katrin. Your feathers are beautiful! Sending bright beams of positive thoughts, energy and gratitude to you! Have a great week! ;-)

  3. I am so happy you made them too! It feels wonderful to work for the same awsome project :)

  4. Wow, voll schön!! Hab mich schon auf facebook total in die verliebt... ^^ vor allem die rosa ist toll! wär sicher auch ein schönes Lesezeichen... die Idee mit dem Vogel find ich echt interesant!