Friday, 22 November 2013

Illustration Friday: Tail

Hi, just a little sign of life. :D
I'm well, I'm drawing, but I'm also busy.
When I come home in the evenings, I'm really exhausted and most of the times I decide to leave my computer off. But I thought of a plan! ;) I will try preparing my blog posts on paper in the future, so that typing and uploading doesn't take so much time. Maybe that will work for me.

It's been a long time since I submitted anything to Illustration Friday, and I really missed these weekly challenges. But I managed to do something in time this week, yay! The topic was "Tail" and I immediately thought of a mermaid of course, but then I decided to draw a merMAN for a change! I hope you'll like him.

I did a very rough sketch and basic watercolour wash last night, and then processed it using pencil, coloured pencils and gel pens today in the library, when classes were over. :)

I also have a scanning option in Salzburg now. But as I was sorting all my old scans for a backup, I realized how poor the quality of some pictures is. Like the zombie story illustration I just showed you :( ... hrm, I need to work on that. The merman scan isn't perfect, either, but I guess it's good enough for submitting it to IF.

Good night!

- Katrin