Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Book rating: Mut zum Skizzenbuch

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It's been a long time without any book ratings, here's a new one!

Title: Mut zum Skizzenbuch: Zeichnen und Skizzieren unterwegs
 Author: Felix Schneinberger
Publisher: Schmidt

I'm sorry, but this book is only available in German at the present. I wanted to feature it anway though, because I think it's one of the best art books I've read so far. (And maybe there'll be a translation in the future. :))

First of all: you will not learn how to draw with this book! There's no beginner's info, instructions or tutorials. Actually, there is no technique teaching aspect about it at all. So what is ist about then?

Felix Scheinberger is sharing some of his own sketchbook pages with the reader, along with little pieces of advice for keeping your own sketchbook. It's not about how to draw, but that you just do it. What it looks like is not as important is the actual act of drawing and thereby having some sort of visual diary of your life. It tries to encourage you to try out new things and learn more about your environment by drawing it. There are other books like that, but of all I've read this is my favourite. 

What I personally gained from reading were some interesting new aspects regarding urban sketching and it generally pushed me a little to spend more time on that documentary every-day drawing. It's really nice to flip through your sketchbooks and look at all the pages bearing memories that just wouldn't be conveyed the same way if you simply took a photo. Drawing a scene is like a photoshop filter to make it an image of your own personal view. 

Besides, Felix' illustrations are really interesting to browse through. They are from journeys all over the world and he also adds little anecdotes. So this might even be interesting for people who don't draw themselves.

It certainly succeeded to motivate me, and not only me. :) My boyfriend got kind of interested in it, so he borrowed it and right after reading it, he started to sketch for the first time in many years. 

Three out of three, highly recommended.

- Katrin

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