Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Early November: A little hiking tour and my failed attempt at another daily drawing challenge

Yet another retro-post. ;)

So the day after Halloween, we went on a little hiking tour. I was the driver, so of course I didn't drink the night before (I don't like alcohol that much, anyway), but I got home really late... or early? xD So the drive was quite exhausting. It was worth it, though. :) Pretty views, fresh air and good food!

The first of November was also the first day of NaNoWriMo. I'm not a writer, but I had actually planned my own little challenge to go along. Inspired by Felix Scheinberger's book, I wanted to fill a double spread of my sketchbook every day. Again. And yet again I failed. :'D

But first, here are some photos my boyfriend and me took!

deer! ♥

These photos are from day one and two; unfortunately, it rained during the whole third day and we left earlier than originally planned. :L And concerning my sketchbook challenge, I didn't do anything else for the 1st (I already did a double spread after midnight at that Halloween party, and I was really tired after the drive and hours of hiking.) Here are the pages from the 2nd of November:

(Bad scan quality, sorry. I'm not familiar with that huge library scanner in Salzburg yet):

Well and then I already started to become lazy... November was a month full of new experiences and changes, so I thought it was perfect to give this visual diary concept a try. But I didn't make it. When I drew, I forced myself to, and did it reaaaaally quickly. I didn't have the feeling I was actually learning from just shooting these sketches on the pages, it wasn't fun, and I don't like looking at them. :( Some more examples:

(page from when I went for dinner with my aunt and Mum)

Generally, it's still a long and hard way from a sketch to a finished piece for me. I'm trying to find a way in between for my sketchbook work. Not fully fleshing things out, but still putting a little more effort in my sketches, instead of creating halfhearted scribblings like above. A compromise between spending seconds and hours on a page... at least failing at this little project made me aware of how I really want to learn that. I'm glad I tried. 

By the way, I didn't manage to draw every day as I wanted, but of course there are more than the few I posted here. It's just that when you try to draw every day, it's a little like writing about every day. It happens to become very personal now and then. You wouldn't scan and share your diary pages in the internet, would you? :)

- Katrin


  1. Replies
    1. Danke, zumindest die Fotos sind schön, haha xD

  2. Aww, I love the sketchbook pages! I want to try something similar (my life is not so interesting though, ha)... ^^;;

    1. Thanks ♥ Oh don't say that! Everyone's life is interesting, it's not about going to events every day, but what you make of your time. Sometimes I get the best sketches from being home alone at night. You should give it a try. :)

  3. reminds me of how I failed to do the one sketch a day I promised myself during holiday :')
    but your scribbles are already good! love the soft colours you chose, too.
    and the photos are beautiful, I really like the first one :D

    1. It's just really hard to keep it at everyday, right? But that won't be my last try. :D
      Thanks, I thought they were horrible, but when I see other artists share their rough sketches it encourages me. Because I get to see they're not perfect art machines either, but make mistakes like everyone else. So I put mine here, too.
      Thank you :)

  4. ganz tolle fotos! Krieg ich ja wald-weh (wie heimweh xD) (^∇^)

  5. Beautiful scenery with beautiful people on it! :)

    I have two sketchbooks on my hands at the moment but the second one I started - the one on 13th of November if you recall - is my go-to one. Why? Because I'm doing only one page spread, I'm only drawing on the right side of it (it helps a lot to have a spiral bounding I think) and it's so much easier to do that than make the full spread one like I have to do in the other one. There's also the "being creative each day" that helps a lot, not only "drawing a day". But maybe that's just me :)

    1. I guess one should really try out different sketchbooks! :) I've experienced how a square shaped one works best for me, as I don't feel restricted by these typical landscape or portrait formats. I have both spiral and standard boundings and both work for me, as I like to do doublespreads, but you're right - sometimes I feel kind of urged to do that. I never want to leave anything blank. :'D The good thing about spiral boundings is that you can rip out a page as well. Many pros and contras... "Being creative each day" is a good approach. It's just that my main thing is drawing, and I want to practise every day to become better; but I should be more open for other things again. I haven't done anything crafty for a while, or jammed on my guitar. Thanks for your impulses :)