Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas! :)

Dear readers,

I hope you'll spend a wonderful and calm Christmas with your beloved ones. Enjoy the holidays! ♪♫

Here's a little card for all of you that I just finished. Thank you for reading my blog, and a special thanks to those who even care to give me some kind of feedback now and then. I really appreciate it. *hug*

Actually, I've been drawing like crazy these days. Or rather, these nights. I just stayed up and drew until I couldn't keep awake any longer. Like that: :D

Mostly sketches, but here is something else that's fitting the mood. This is something I did for a Christmas card exchange with Li (aka Pikminlink here on the internet^^). It's a Zelda fanart and features Salia from Ocarina of Time. I hope she'll like it, it's still travelling.

I guess I should go to bed now... or should I fill some sketchbook pages again...? Hmm. :D

Anyway - have a merry, merry Christmas! ♥

- Katrin


  1. ahaha... that's the most adorable bunny ever! hahaha.... you just made my day! :D

    and thank you for the sweet wishes, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas eve too and that you'll be doing only awesome things today! ;)

    and hugs for being my friend ♥

    1. heh, I forgot to write about the drawings... silly me... both are perfect! and I just LOVE the background in the first one, it adds that magical touch of the night so well... and reminds me of the Aurora glows

    2. Sorry for not replying earlier, sometimes I don't get any email notifications for new comments recently. :/ Thank you so much! I was thinking of Aurora glows, but I didn't use any reference pictures, just painted from my mind/imagination, so it's probably not accurate.^^ Big hug back!! ♥

  2. deine bilder sehn aus wie ausm bilderbuch:3 hast einen süßes zeichenstil find ich

    1. Aww, dankeschön! "Wie ausm Bilderbuch" ist natürlich ein tolles Kompliment für jemanden, der genau so etwas gerne mal machen möchte. ;)