Monday, 2 December 2013

One evening in November

Hi everyone!

Today I had this exam I was really scared about, but now it's over, the pressure's off, and I'm having a little more free time again. :) That's why I resolve to retro-post every day until I've come up to the present. No possible excuses.

Only that all those catching up posts are not completely in correct order, but you wouldn't know anyway. :P

So, some evening in November, when all the writers were busy with NaNoWriMo, Dagmar and me met up for dinner and coffee. She went through her NaNo notes and I drew her. First some warm-up left handed sketches and cheater blinds, then a proper try at realism:

Compared to Anja's portrait, this was way more challenging! Anja is like a statue when writing, she hardly moves at all, while Dagmar really got into interpreting her character notes, changing her facial expressions from one extreme to the other. That was fun to watch, but hard to draw. :D She'd be the perfect model for some facial expression studies. Also, I had considerably less time.

I think it only resembles her slightly, but Dagmar did like it herself, and practice is practice. :)

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