Monday, 6 January 2014


Good afternoon :)

A while ago a friend at the library introduced me to Postcrossing, a website where you can sign up to exchange postcards with random strangers from all over the world. She's really into it, having several postcards travelling all the time. ^^ For every card you send somewhere, you get one from another person in return.

So I signed up too and got paired up with someone from Germany first. He didn't really say what kind of postcard he wanted (usually you tell your preferences in your profile), so I just chose one with a view of wintry Salzburg. A little boring, but I thought that's somewhat neutral. In return I got one from Japan with a really cute polar bear illustration. :D  The next guy was from Russia, he had very specific wishes and his interests were totally different than mine. So I just chose something he'll probably like to get it done.. ^^'

All the while I was waiting for a chance to use my blank postcard stock! But some (like the Russian guy) specifically say that they don't want to get handmade postcards. :[ How boring. :P

And then finally.. the next person I got paired up with was an art student from the Ukraine! In her info she said she's fond of underwater pictures, mermaids, books and that she especially loves to get selfmade cards.

... perfect! ♥ :D

So this is what I made for her. I wanted to combine it all somehow, so I thought about a way a mermaid could be reading a book underwater...

Using a magical waterproof bubble to keep the book dry. In my head that makes sense. xD I hope she'll like it.

Looking back now I had a lot of fun creating the mermaid postcard, but just buying the other two ones was a little boring. People can agree to do direct swaps, so if you find someone's profile interesting and there's that direct swap button, you can contact them in a private message. I think I'll stick to that and try to find other people who'd like to get handmade cards.

Other than that, for me it's much more fun to exchange mail with people I know at least a little. :) Most users there seem majorly interested in getting postcards from around the world, and less in getting to know other people. That was a little disappointing, but well..^^'

Have a nice day!

- Katrin


  1. What a gift! It's absolutely gorgeous, Katrin! ;-)

  2. It's so pretty! I would love to get handmade cards ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶ The idea with the airbubble to keep the book dry is cute, it makes perct sense (〃^▽^〃)

    1. Would you like one? :> I'd draw you a card to thank you for your support here! You're a loyal reader and commentor, I really appreciate that. ♥

  3. I agree, it's a bit dull just to swap store bought postcards...yours is much lovelier, I'd rather receive something like that that someone put a lot of themselves into :). For me personally, I'm also not interested in postcards unless they were sent by someone I already know... ^^;;

    1. Thank you so much :) I guess many people there simply are postcard collectors, but you and me seem to be more interested in the social aspects of card writing. :D

  4. I totally agree with you. Doing a swap with a person for that chance of getting to know them a little bit better is what's exciting. Plus receiving a bit of their energy with the piece is priceless.
    The air bubble is a perfect invention for underwater reading for sure! Lovely piece.

  5. I like the colors and the hair is nice too!
    good job!