Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hello everyone,

it's been a while again.
There have been some recent events that made my life a little tough at the moment... I won't go into details now.

I just have to think things over and make new plans for the near future. And then everything will work out somehow, I hope. Don't worry about me. :) Just so you know. It might stay quiet here a little longer. Might. You never know when inspiration hits you!

I had doodled something for one of the past Illustration Friday topics which I didn't submit, because I forgot to scan it.~~ But this picture and the topic, "Reflect", really go with my mood right now, so I'm uploading it today.

Good night, 
- Katrin


  1. What a wonderful piece Katrin! I love it so much. The colors are so vivid, wow!

    And I hope you'll feel good soon. If you need someone neutral to talk too, you know where I am.

    hugs and love

  2. I'm sure I commented this one but it got lost...
    Sooo... I'm still amazed by your watercolor skills! And cheer up, it gets better soon ;)