Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hidden Town


look who's back for another update the very next day! ;) Can you believe it?

Just something I did during classes again, haha..

After Helsinki I had some stopover at home for a couple of days, and when I had to travel back to Salzburg for uni, I forgot to take my art stuff with me. :( All I have here now is the limited number of items I always carry around in my handbag: a sketchbook (a little bigger than A5), some pencils and ink pens, a small box of watercolour pencils and my mini watercolour set.

That's why I can't work on some things that are long due actually... several art trades (sorry guys!) and a Birthday present have been on my to do list for a while already. Furthermore there are other unfinished drawings I wanted to continue working on as well. I do have some bigger watercolour pad here, but with only those pencils and my small set (the pans are really tiny!) I just can't work properly.

And so I try to make the best of it and just get all ideas out of my head and onto sketchbook pages alone for now, like creating thumbnails for the actual paintings to come (or not). ;)

It's also kind of refreshing to have only a couple of tools at hand. I don't spend too much time pondering whether I should colour something with markers, or maybe watercolours, simply ink it, or...
I do it with the stuff I have!

Creating these little doodles doesn't take much time, but they are fun and practise after all. ♥

And they keep me sane.

Good night!


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