Monday, 17 February 2014

Some day in February

Hello again!

So it's been one month and one day since I wrote something.
*browses through the old entry*
Well, I still struggle with some things happening in my life right now, some got better, some new problems accrued. Another big fat one popped up just today, and I'm still feeling rattled.
But that's life, huh? I'm trying to deal with it as best as I can.

And not only bad things are happening. Another reason for my hiatus here was me being busy meeting friends, being in Helsinki and Vienna for a while, visiting events, having fun!

A while ago I started taking part in this challenge: 100 Happy Days
Every day you upload a photo of something that made you happy. I'm at day 21 now, and I have so much fun doing it. It's like some kind of self-treatment. I'm a stubborn one, so even on a really bad day I keep uploading my photos. I just don't want to quit, so I force myself to see something positive in every day. And there is! You only have to open your eyes to it. :)
I'm doing the challenge via Instagram, you can see my submissions here, if you're interested.

I haven't been completely idle in terms of drawing, either. Drawing helps as well. I just can't show you all of it. One half is too personal, the other isn't scanned yet and I can't do so until I come home again, because I left it all there. (Yes I know, it's always the same lame excuse, I'm sorry. :D But it's a little difficult when you're studying somewhere else, and travelling back and forth, especially with larger paintings.)

There are two pieces I did very recently that I can show you now. I'm sitting in class many hours a day, so after a while it's really hard to keep paying attention. And it's a computer class, so it's very tempting to just browse the net, or chat with friends etc. ~~ But I remembered that back in school I doodled a lot while listening, and so I gave it a try again. Last Friday I started with a blank page in the morning, I just began doodling a little, and until lunch it looked like this:

And when classes were over in the afternoon, like this:

This one is a fanart of one of my favourite Anime series, "Mushishi." :) I didn't use any reference though, so it's probably not very accurate, but I think it matches the atmosphere of the series. Coloured with watercolour pencils and ink.

Well, and today I did the same thing.I looked up this week's Illustration Friday topic ("twisted"), opened a blank page, and let my brain and hands do their thing without thinking too much.

Coloured with the mini watercolour set I bought a while ago. ♥
All done in class. And all the while I listened closely like a well-behaved student. It also works that way with music. I focus so much on the music, I draw without thinking, and so I'm not that critical either. That's why I always have a playlist on when drawing!

So I think I found a good way to be double-productive from now on. :) Paying attention and filling sketchbook pages at the same time, which don't have to look good. But at least I'm doing something!

Alright, that's it for now.
I think I will tell you a bit about Helsinki next time. Or maybe about the sketchbook I finished. There are several things I could talk about, and I think I will. I missed blogging!

Good night then,
and see you soon. :)


  1. These are beautiful, as always <3

  2. Well, your non thinking while drawing is spectacular! I'm jealous! Really :)
    Love your IF one, amazing colors. You are getting some really nice colors out of watercolor pencils too. That forest scene is very very pretty.
    And now I?m going to sit back and wait for your report from Helsinki ;)
    It was good reading from you again.

    Hope your life gets moving in a more positive direction soon.
    *big hug*