Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life is a rollercoaster


A very personal post here... Just to warn you.

I can't believe it's August already.
I should be working on a paper right now, but that is connected with fits of frustration... so I suddenly felt the urge to clean my apartment, do the kitty-litter box and update my blog instead. 

Time flies. But sometimes I'm glad it does. Time heals. More than half of this year's over, and I can already say it's been the most complicated of my life so far. I had to make a lot of difficult decisions, I got really hurt. But I've also been really happy at times. Lots of ups and downs. Very exhausting, I tell you. But it also tought me much about myself and the people around me. I realized some things had to change.

I'm lucky to have a small, but loving and supportive family and a bunch of loyal friends. I'm so very grateful for that. Without them I would have broken down at some times.

Apart from all this happening, I've still been doing art. It's funny how my last post here is about having a kind of  art block. Shortly after I wrote that, I've been deep into a creative phase again. Just when things in my life started to get really tough. It was a way for me to deal with everything.

Sometimes I even sat at the piano or played the guitar a bit again. And I sang, and I danced, I took photos. I even wrote some really bad poems.
Of course I drew and painted. A lot actually.

Despite that creative boost, I didn't update this blog..  I uploaded some pictures to my Deviantart, and I also opened a Tumblr.
But the tougher things got, the more personal my art became. I made it for myself, to heal.

Here are some of my favourites of the earlier pictures I did share:

This really fits my situation right now. Moving boxes everywhere. I drew this while my friend jammed at the piano.

Some kind of self-portrait.

This is a fanart of the graphic novel "Beautiful Darkness", one of the best and most disturbing ones I've ever read.

Something I did for Illustration Friday.

I stopped uploading to Tumblr shortly after opening my account. I feel like it's just not communicative. Most people only reblog pictures from other peoples' accounts, instead of posting their own content. It's nice for picture browsing, but it doesn't really substitute a blog. It's so impersonal...

So I thought with moving somewhere else again, I could use this blog as a way of communicating more with my (art) friends from far away again. To keep them updated, as I don't really like Facebook either...
We'll see.

Either way, thanks to everyone who's still here reading! I really appreciate your interest and support. <3

Good night!
- Katrin


  1. It's nice that you could write it out, sometimes it also can help a lot, though of course I feel sad about the things that happened to you, but it's nice that you're starting to feel better and better as time passes! Keep up the good work with drawing and painting, and I'd be happy if you would post more :) (though I also lost my motivation on posting on my blog :D)

    1. Thanks Dora! Thanks for reading and your words!
      I wondered about posting this on my public blog. But well, I didn't come up with anything too private, anyway. And this is my space here and I can write about whatever I want. The things happening in my life have a big influence on my art, too. There's a close relation. So I felt like writing about it here after all.

      That's too bad! I really neglected reading other peoples' blogs as well. But I want to change that. I'll go check what I missed on yours. :) Let's both try being more active again. ;)

  2. Oh my dear friend. This year sure is tough on you but as you say, you just keep growing because of it. I'm glad you have a great family behind you, not everyone is so lucky.

    I hope you keep writing here as it's really the only way for us to keep up with you, especially now that you'll move to Sweden (boy would I want to move there too ;) ).

    Your paintings and drawings are getting better and better and the more they heal you the more thy tell a story and more interesting they are to look at. Keep them coming too, please.

    Good luck with your move, I hope the rest of this year will be kinder to you.

    Huge hug from me my dear. Take care.

    1. Wow, thank you so, so much for your warm and encouraging words! I don't know what else to say. I'm speechless. Thank you! *big hug* <3

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