Saturday, 6 December 2014

Krampus and Nikolaus + please help a fellow artist!

Hi everyone :D

First of all I would like to spread the word about a fellow artist in need! If you are looking to commission a piece of art (as a Christmas present maybe?), please turn to the talented Saniika and help her fund a plane ticket so she may spend Christmas with her beloved!  


I hope you've spent some nice advent days so far. :)
People here in Sweden often ask me if I grew up with any interesting Christmas traditions in Austria. Why yes, there's lots of folklore! And there is actually something going on now, on the 5th and 6th of December. If you were a good kid this year, then Sankt Nikolaus ("Nikolo") will put some treats, usually nuts and tangerines in your shoes or socks for you to find in the morning of the 6th. However, if you were naughty, then one of these guys will come and punish you after sunset on the 5th. They are called Krampusse, or Perchten (traditionally those were two different things, but nowadays it's kind of the same), and they often come in groups. Those rods and stocks they have - they are to beat you with. But they often carry bells too, so you may try running when you hear them coming after you... Yeah, so that's what kids in Austria have nightmares about. I hope this has been educating. ;)

Tools: Watercolours, salt, pencil, white gel pen
Tea: Vanilla Rooibos
Music: Skyrim ST

I had so much fun drawing this! I think I have to do more folklore illustrations! I read so many folk tales from different parts of the world, so I should have my sketchbook ready and really doodle some more to them!

Have a cozy evening!



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