Sunday, 8 March 2015

The owls are not what they seem!

Hi everyone!

Here's another of the Christmas presents I made! It's a bookmark for a friend who's a big Twin Peaks fan. It's thanks to him I watched it, which makes it probably the only series I ever saw all episodes of - and also one of my favourites! ♥ I made this bookmark featuring a characters we both like for him: the log lady!


On the backside I stamped the famous owls-quote. :)

He liked it. ^_^ I really have fun making bookmarks. They are quickly done and make great presents. A while ago I also bought cellophan sleeves. Before I always used laminated my bookmarks, but that actually caused direct damage sometimes, and I'm not sure how it would affect the original in the long run. :/ The cello sleaves open and close with a small glue strip on the back, so you can take out the original again if you wish and the paper itself doesn't get affected. I think that's much better.

Have a good day! :)



  1. Such a neat and pretty, personal gift! :)

    1. Thanks, yeah I love making bookmarks and giving them as presents! They don't make so much time to make and easy to personalize. :)

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