Friday, 26 February 2016


Hi! I'm still alive. xD

Struggling with my master thesis and working, yet drawing in the little free time I have.
I've been more or less updating my DeviantArt with finished works again recently. But DA is kind of restrictive in some ways. I also have a pretty dead tumblr, however I am quite active on my Instagram, posting WIPS and lots of other things.

Well, my point is, I wonder what kind of social media I should focus on, because I don't manage to keep all of them updated. I really want to keep in touch with people though. 

If anyone is still here, actually reading this, could you please give me a shout? :)
What kind of social media do you use? 

And then I'll just randomly include this springy sketchbook doodle, because it's finally getting warmer in Sweden, and so that this post is not all picture-less. :D

Hugs from Katrin


  1. Im here, hello! :D I like how more people are going back to blogging lately! Theres a revival going on! :)

    1. Hi! We'll I'm not sure I'm really going back to blogging, but we'll see. This post was some kind of market research. xD While I'll always keep on drawing of course, I don't think I have the motivation to keep blogging when there's no audience. ^^'

  2. Yay a new post <3 More doodling please, everything you create is fabulous and awesome!

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  6. I don't think I have the motivation to keep blogging when there's no audience. ^^'


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